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[img src=]1480Grill Scraper
The optimal grill scraper from BB10 design

Technical details: Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter 78 mm Thickness 1 mm
Biggest gab 7,5 mm Smallest 1,5 mm
Weight 36 gram

Imprint Method
Silk Screen, Engraved
[img src=]510Grill Scraper in funktion
This simple grill scraper are perfect to clean a normal grill,
you don't have to think something can break, it is strong
and easy to use and clean, and don't take up much space.
[img src=]360Grill Scraper packaging
Grill Scraper packaging, simple and easy to mount.
[img src=]340Grill scraper suspension
Grill scraper bracket with velcro, simple and easy to place where you want.
[img src=]370Grill Scraper
This Promotional product will help to remember
your business in the most effective way.
[img src=]310Glass for tealight
[img src=]380Blue glass
[img src=]390Four color glass
[img src=]420Clear glass with vase
[img src=]330Vase with glass for tealight
[img src=]320Purple glass with vase in glass
[img src=]320Reed glass in spear
[img src=]290Frozen Glass for tea lights
[img src=]390Candlestick with glass for tea light
[img src=]240
[img src=]380Holder for tooth paste 1
[img src=]330Holder for tooth paste 2
[img src=]350Holder for tooth paste 3
[img src=]320Holder for tooth paste 4
[img src=]250
[img src=]360Holder for brush and soap
[img src=]300Close up holder for brush and soap
[img src=]320Holder for Kitchenroll
[img src=]310The bag holder
[img src=]240

When design become a passion, here is some new ways to think in expression and pleasure, in the look and form,

with design from Bjørn Larsen you will have an new experience every time.

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