BB10 around the World

BB10 around the World
Focus on our Drinking Water, Clean water is basic reason for life
Focus on the Pollution, and what we can do about it
 Resources! We need to be more aware of the how we use the Resources, we could reduce our waste for a start.
Climate change is one of the biggest challenge we have to face.
Reducing Rainforests in this large scale, gives us almost irreparable damage.
The Animals depend on the Forests and so are We.
Wild Animals do need more Protection against poachers
Hunger! All about Getting food enough to everyone, dependence of our skills.
Clean energy, that could be the sun or wind power, or any kind of clean energy
Education, Read and learn, that is the only way that we can come out of the poverty
Poorness an hopeless situations, there are to many
Happiness what about that, do it while you can, alone ore togehter
We have the Knowledge / and we have the Funds / so why not adding that together.
We have to work together, we can't do alone
Bjørn Larsen / Editor / Artist