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  • Bird in a cage

Freedom is a Word with a lot of History 

To do what you want, can not been taken for granted !
What is Life! without the Freedom to Express ourself,  it is one of the ground stone as a Human, we are create to be free, not only our Body, but especially our Soul, without the free speech, you just become a Nobody, so we have to protect it by all means.
It is the Freedom as a Human there gives us our Personality, the Power, or right to Act, Speak, or think as One wants.
A word with so much strength, the definition of Freedom / freedom of speech/thought/expression/worship.

Bird in a Cage

Freedom to do what you dreem of

Freedom is not a matter of course, many generations have struggled to maintain freedom as a human being,
the freedom to become what one dreams of, the freedom to education, the freedom to one’s own life.
Bird in a Cage
Bjørn Larsen / Editor
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