Glass of water

Glass of Water

Clean Water Is Scarce.
Clean, safe drinking water is scarce for the nearly 1.8 billion people who currently use a source of water contaminated with feces. They desperately need better water solutions [5,6]. Around the world, less than 50% of the population of 46 countries has access to a sanitation facility [1]. Currently, 14% of the world population (approximately 1 billion people) practice open defecation [1]. Moreover, 9 out of 10 people defecating openly live in rural areas -- away from sources of safe water [1].
This water scarcity has a profound effect on women and girls, a group already facing disparities around the world. Lack of clean water and sanitation prevents nearly 500 million women and girls from practicing menstrual hygiene management [2]. This results in infection, embarrassment, and overwhelming unease every month. In addition to these effects, the burden of finding water -- whether clean or not -- falls on women and girls. UNICEF estimates that women and girls spend 200 million hours every day collecting water.
Imagine what would happen if clean water was easier to find?