Rainforest end

Rainforest end ? is it still possible to save the Rainforest ?
that is more Seriously than ever, and that will happen if we don't do a much larger effort.
We have to stop the damage of the Rainforest now.
Rainforests are home to more than half of the world’s animals, thats tell it all. we have to stop the damage we cause
Take the Amazon!
As habitat destruction trends interact with climate change, the concern is that the Amazon will be caught up in a set of “feedback loops” that could dramatically speed up the pace of forest lost and degradation and bring the Amazon Biome to a point of no return. This threshold, also referred to as a tipping point, may occur when Amazonian forests die and are progressively replaced by fireprone brush and savanna (ecological tipping point), and rainfall is inhibited on a regional scale (climatic tipping point).