About BB10

It starts with a single Clothespin

BB10 Clothespin

Saving Energy has been The Red Thread in the development of the BB10 clothespin
From the outset, the idea has been that the BB10 Clothespin with its round and smooth shape, should be messenger for the environment and now several years later, for life around us all over the world.
BB10 Clothespin as Cartoon Character, a figure that focuses on the inequalities in our World.
With 7.6 Billion Humans there is a lot to take care of, Food,Houses,Clothes,Energy,Education, just to mention a few of the challange we  are confrontet
There are so much to do something about for the World, so what you see is just a little bit of the areas I felt must have a little attention.
Education and more Education of every child and adults is essential for the succes.
We need to be more aware, how we use Resources by preventing and reducing our waste.
Climate change is one of the price we have to accept in the future, but we can reduce it over time if we work together hand in hand, starting with the green energy
Reducing the rainforests on this large scale as we do, gives us almost irreparable damage. The Animals depend on Our Forests and so do We.
We have Knowledge / and we have Funds / and everyone should be interested in giving the Earth better conditions for getting back into shape.
We can do it Together.
Bjørn Larsen / Editor / Artist