Green Energy

A Green Energy

What is green energy?

Thanks to robust research, new green energy technologies are everywhere, lessoning our dependence on fossil fuels.
But what is it and why is it any better than coal or oil?
Source: MNN
Wind and Sun

A paradigm shift is taking place on a global scale.

Green Energy

A paradigm shift is taking place on a global scale.
We are witnessing a historic conversion of energy systems that are based on fossil fuels to ones powered by clean energy.
Technological developments, growing political will and price decreases mean that the number of clean energy options are expanding.
No single clean energy source can power an energy system in isolation.
The production of clean energy fluctuates, meaning a variety of sources,
should be used to support each other and thereby secure a stable and affordable energy supply.
Danish companies are building hybrid wind, solar and battery facilities,
and bioenergy derived from anything from chicken litter to sugarcane is used to balance the grid, meaning Denmark has power 99.7 percent of the time.
Source: State of Green