BB10 Around the World

7.8 billion are many people, all in need of food, housing, jobs, clothing, energy, education, health care, clean drinking water, and many other things.
And on top off all that we must remember to enjoy life if the opportunity turns out.
It is not an easy task, but we have a chance if we work together across all Nationalities!
Just something to Think about
Bjørn Larsen Editor / Artist

Welcome to BB10 Around the World

There is a lot of information on all kinds of topics.
All the drawings are hand painted and are tied up with a lot of information regarding the subject.
My goal with this concept is to put a focus on some issues that need to be given more attention.
Here I could mention Education or the challenges we have with the climate. There is also a great lack of food in many parts of the world, Nature and Animals are also needed.
But it is not necessarily just the big challenge we have to do something about, there are many small daily things we can change.
Take, for example, the plastic bags you use for the items you purchased. Simply by having your own shopping bags, you help to protect the environment.
Daily life can be a challenge for many people, but just by thinking small useful things, you can help change the environment for the better.
Many people around the world make a big difference to create a better life for everyone.
Bjørn Larsen
Editor / Artist