Rain a little bit

  • a little bit of rain
Rain a little bit! so what is there to know?
Water is living energy, and the basis of all life. Quality water is essential for the health of plants, animals, humans, and the planet. The human body comprises over 70% water and the human brain comprises over 90% water. The rain is essential for our life, the water give us the opportunity to grow many different kind of corn and vegetables.
Imagine earth without water. The soil, with no water in it and nothing growing on it, would be lifeless, dead, collapsed into dust, sand, clay or rock. In California's Central Valley where agriculture predominates and pulls water from the ground, this process is already beginning to happen. The earth used to be like a sponge, but where the groundwater has been sucked almost dry, like the Central Valley, the earth has collapsed and hardened. This is the process we call "subsidence."
Water is a life giver - even a life creator. It lies at the basis of our understanding of how life works