The importance of Education


Education is the road that children follow


Education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life.
Almost 70 million children across the world are prevented from going to school each day.
Those living in north-eastern Africa are the least likely to receive a good education – or any education at all, an umbrella body of charities and teaching unions known as the Global Campaign For Education has found.
It ranks the world's poorest countries according to their education systems.
Somalia has the least functional system in the world with just 10% of children going to primary school, while Eritrea is second worst.

Haiti, Comoros and Ethiopia fare almost as badly.

Before Haiti's earthquake this year, just 50% of children went to primary school.
Now that figure is said to have fallen. Some 2.5 million children were left without a school to go to after the earthquake.
The report's authors, from charities including Plan and ActionAid, measured the likelihood of children attending primary school, a country's political will to improve its education system, and the quality of its schools to create the rankings.
The study – Back to School? The Worst Places in the World – warns that attempts to ensure all children can attend school are under severe threat.
By 2015, there will be more children out of school than there are today, unless the richest countries dramatically increase the aid they give to the poorest nations, the authors argue.
Source: The Guardian

A good quality Education

Education for all

A good quality education helps children reach their full potential; however, for millions of children and youth,
it is beyond reach and many are not learning basic skills like reading and math if they do attend school.
Source: Save the Children