Frogs and Extinction


Frogs and Extinction
The most important factor leading to amphibian population declines is habitat destruction.
When forests are cleared it is no surprise that species that once lived there disappear.
What is alarming is that there are many cases where the habitat is protected and amphibians are still disappearing.
The causes for recent amphibian declines are many,
but an emerging disease called chytridiomycosis and global climate change are thought the be the biggest threats to amphibians.


A fungus that kills amphibians i

Killer frog disease

A fungus that kills amphibians is responsible for the biggest documented loss of nature from a single disease, say researchers.
Better biosecurity and wildlife trade restrictions are urgently needed to prevent any more extinctions, they say.
The disease, chytridiomycosis, has caused mass die-offs in frogs, toads and salamanders over the past 50 years,
including extinctions of 90 species, according to a review of evidence.
It has spread to over 60 countries.
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