Lighting a match


Lighting a match is an excellent example of multiple energy transformations.
Despite being an incredibly simple action that takes only seconds, it involves several types of kinetic and potential energy.

Meaning of Energy

Everything needs energy to live, move and fulfill its role in this world.
Physicists define energy as the ability to do work and define work as moving something against a force, such as gravity.
Energy comes in different forms, such as light, heat, sound and motion. Every form fits into one of two categories: kinetic energy (energy in motion) or potential (stored) energy.
Most forms of energy can change form, but energy is never lost.
Some energy transformations are single transformations, such as a toaster transforming electrical energy into thermal energy to toast your bread.
However, some energy transformations, such as lighting a match, involve multiple energy transformations.

You only have to say

Quit Smoking!

You only have to say to yourself, why turn on a cigarette,
let the match burn itself out.
It is the best way to either quit smoking or not to start at all.
Bjørn Larsen / Editor