Solar Energy

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Solar energy is energy provided by

Solar energy

Solar energy is energy provided by the sun in the form of solar radiation. Every day the sun radiates, or sends out, an enormous amount of energy.
This Radiant energy has powered life on earth for millions of years and is one of the most important source of energy for life forms.
Solar energy is a renewable resource and it is becoming increasingly common that this energy is converted and used as an alternative to fossil fuels.
Many technologies can harvest it directly to produce solar electricity for use in homes and businesses globally.
The Sun has played an important role in shaping our life on Earth since the dawn of time.
Now it's up to us to use some of that clean Energy and convert it to electricity, nice and easy, and most of all with no Pollution.

Like wind energy

Solar Energy

Like wind energy, solar power harnesses nature’s resources and makes use of them to create green energy for everyday consumption.
Photovoltaics solar cells (PV technology) and solar heating offer reliable, cost-efficient methods of generating electricity and heat respectively and in Denmark,
both technologies are applied with success in commercial as well as residential buildings.