Solar Power

Throughout the developing world

Follow the Sun

Solar Power

Helio motion is an innovative, high efficiency, dual-axis tracking, solar power plant.

By following the sun from sunrise to sunset a Helio motion delivers 30-70% more energy per year,
than roof based solar panels with the same dimensions, yielding a quicker return on your investment.

Source: Heliomotion

If the earth is our home

The mother of all energy

If the earth is our home, we owe a lot to solar energy.

Just to offer some perspective, solar radiation is the key element of chlorophyll photosynthesis
which kickstarts the basis for life for most creatures that inhabit the planet.

Solar radiation is also the origin of winds, tides and fossil fuels:
the sun is the primary engine of almost all forms of energy on our planet.

Source: Enel Green Power