Water the Highest Value

Water the Highest Value

Water the Highest Value

Water is a scarce resource that is under increasing pressure.

According to the UN, global water consumption will increase by 30 per cent by 2030 due to population growth and increased wealth.
Several challenges related to water supply, Water quality and wastewater treatment could be avoided,
or reduced through integrated water management and an intelligent approach to the entire water cycle. By treating water as the valuable and vital resource that it is.
Denmark has been able to reduce water consumption by almost 40 per cent since 1980 and increase energy efficiency throughout the water cycle.
Source: State of Green

The Global Water Tariff Survey

The Global Water Tariff Survey 2020 was published in September 2020.
Featuring water, wastewater & stormwater tariff profiles for 568 cities across 186 countries,
the survey allows you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the value of water across the globe.
The Global Water Tariff survey is a crucial tool for any professional active in the water sector.
Source: Global Water Intelligens

At a time the world

Highest Value

At a time the world is mobilizing to defeat the coronavirus pandemic, it has never been more important to protect our water resources.
In these unprecedented times, water is an indispensable weapon in fighting the disease,
acting as a barrier to the virus and maintaining a decent standard of living for the millions of people who are confined to their homes.
Source: Veolia