We wish you all a good trip through our website,

with a lot of information and Drawings (all hand drawings) hopefully they will give you the Inspiration to what you can dofor some of the challange we have Great parts of the World.
What you choose and how you will support, is up to yourself,
But I could mention Education and our Climate, or the huge lack of food, in large parts of the world.
But it not necessarily big challenge we have to deal with, there are a lot of small daily things we can do something about, and in the same time save money.
Take, for example (the plastic bags) you use for the items you have bought in the Grocery store, by having your own shopping bag with you, uour making a greath difference!
The daily life can be a challange itself for a lot of people, but help can give one so much back, it could be family or friends, or people you dont know, Wild Animals, our Invironment, no matter what you chooce, there is a great need for it.
The good spirit is Important in most of the thing, we are working with!
I send a lot of good thoughts to all People around the World there are trying to make a positive Differens.
Bjørn Larsen
Bjørn Larsen